Friday, April 12, 2024

The Falcon Eye! 4/12/24

Congratulations to Superintendent DeBoer on her upcoming retirement. We are so grateful for her leadership and years of dedicated service to the students, families and staff.

Spring Break 
April 15th - April 19th
Have a safe and fun vacation week!

The Importance of reading at home...

KCCS Solar Eclipse Viewing 
On Monday, KCCS students and staff watched the Solar Eclipse. Every student and staff member were provided glasses to protect their eyes. Many students made additional viewers to attach to their glasses. 


It’s time to get ready to fundraise!! Registration is now open for our KCC 2024 Dance Off, powered by Booster! Booster is a fun organization that assists schools just like ours in raising funds across the country. They’ve thought through every detail on how to make this program fit our school’s needs, while raising the most money. We’re excited for the expertise to make this EASY for everyone involved- including YOU! With the help of Booster, last year we were able to raise $30,426

Flyers went home with students this week with information on how to register, but we are including plenty of information here to help answer any questions you might have. 

First, log in/sign up at MYBOOSTER.COM to register. You can do this by searching for the school by name. Students get a FREE prize just for being registered. On the site, families can access easy-to-use links and content to connect students with sponsors by sharing their fundraising link on Facebook, through email, or even text. Sponsors can enter and pay for those donations online through the students’ fundraising link!

The Details:

WHAT: The KCC Falcons Dance Off is a 10-day fundraising program. This large-scale fundraising provides enrichment programs (Field Trips; guest speakers and presentations); extra classroom supplies, books, and a number of community events for our students, families, and more! 

WHEN: The fundraiser kicks off on 5/1 and culminates in an actual Dance Off at the school on 5/10. Each classroom is scheduled to dance on the field for the dedicated number of minutes each class has raised funds. The average student completes 30-35 minutes. The schedule of when students will be "dancing" will be shared ahead of time and families are welcome to come watch, participate and cheer on! 

WHO: Booster is an online school fundraising platform and partner that helps PTO to raise funds. It provides an easy-to-use platform for tracking donations etc. Booster also provides educational content that teachers share each day of the fundraising period to generate excitement. This year's theme is World Changer Workshop. 

Our goal this year is $20,000. Together, WE CAN MAKE THAT HAPPEN!

If anyone has questions or would like to participate in making this fundraising event a success, please email

Upcoming PTO Events:
*** Paint with the PTO: Friday May 3rd 7:00pm-9:00pm at Color Me Mine
*** Falcon Dance-Off Fundraising Week: Wednesday May 1st - Friday May 10th
*** Falcon Dance-Off Day: Friday May 10th
*** PTO Election Meeting: Tuesday May 14th 5:30pm in the cafeteria (this is the final PTO meeting of the school year)

Pick Up Patrol
Please make sure to update Pick Up Patrol for any dismissal changes. This is our primary tool which provides teachers, administration and administrative assistance instant access to your child's afterschool plan. Pick Up Patrol is used for PreK - 2 students. It takes away the need for hand written notes. We will be using this same system next school year.

Happy Birthday Cassie! 

Compare and Contrast Stories
This week, Ms. Matton's students worked hard on their Three Little Pigs Compare and Contrast Story House! Students in second grade are working hard to put together all of their academic skills learned over their primary school careers. 

Iditaread Reading Challenge
 Iditaread Reading Challenge

The second grade students have completed the Iditaread Reading Challenge. They read their way from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska throughout the month of March. In total, they read over 23, 337 minutes!

A special shout-out to Mrs. Cullum’s class who read the most minutes of all the second grade classes, totalling over 5,500 minutes!

Kudos to Mrs. Fox’s class who had the most students participate-80% of the class participated in the reading challenge!

We are so proud of our second grade students. Keep reading!

ELPAC Flyers

Thursday Pictures
I Fit at MPS!

Friday, April 5, 2024

The Falcon Eye! 4/5/2024

Monday's Solar Eclipse
KCCS has purchased glasses for the solar eclipse on Monday. Every student will receive a pair of these glasses. We are emphasizing safety during this once in a life time experience! 
Tanglewood Marionettes
On our half day, students enjoyed a thrilling performance by the Tanglewood Marionettes! Students watched the production: The Dragon King!  

WHOI Visitor for Kindergarten

All mammals breathe air, give birth to live young, nurse their young, are warm-blooded, and have hair (baby whales and dolphins actually have small hairs on their rostrums (nose) when born and it eventually sheds away leaving behind small follicles). Marine mammals have a range or territory where you can expect to find them and many species migrate over long distances each year. Some whales feed in polar waters, and travel thousands of miles to warm water areas to have their young. In this lesson, students will learn to distinguish mammals from other animals and then separate marine mammals from other mammals. They will discuss what constitutes their "backyard" and how that compares to the "backyard" of a North Atlantic right whale. They will learn about the species of cetaceans (whale, dolphin, porpoise) and pinnipeds (seal, sea lion, walrus) that can be found off Cape Cod and experiment with marine mammal photo identification. They will discover how humans impact the marine environment and marine mammals in their local area and what they can do to make a difference. 

KCCS Pictures! 
All year long we have been adding pictures to albums located on the blog. If you go to the tab at the top of the blog that says, "Photos 2023 - 2024 you'll find hundreds of pictures throughout the year. Click here to go right to it!

National Assistant Principal Day!
On Tuesday, KCC recognized Mr. Prehna for National Assistant Principal Day. Mr. Prehna is incredibly thankful for all the kindness showed to him. 

JiJi Day!

News from the PTO! 
This week’s PTO meeting was very productive! We approved all of the upcoming class field trips for Pre-K through 2nd Grade, and we are so excited for all of our students to have a day of learning and exploring outside of the classroom. Our Staff Appreciation Day is coming up next month, and the majority of the planning is complete! Our teachers and staff do so much for our kids and our school, and the luncheon we put together is such a fun way for us to show our appreciation. 

We’ve talked a lot over the course of this school year about ways we can bring parents together, and ways we can get to know all of you better. We are thrilled to share that we have arranged for an adults-only event! Join the PTO on Friday May 3rd at Color Me Mine in the Mashpee Commons for some pottery painting fun! We will provide snacks and good conversation. We can’t wait to spend time with you! 

Are you interested in being more involved with the PTO?! If so, next month is our Election Meeting. All positions are available if you are wanting a seat on the board. We also welcome anyone from our community to come sit in on the meetings and take part in the discussions. These meetings are roughly an hour long, and we provide pizza and childcare. We would love to have you be part of them. 
Mark your Calendars:
* Paint with the PTO: 
            Friday May 3rd 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM at Color Me Mine
* Falcon Dance-Off Fundraising Week: 
            Thursday May 2nd -  Friday May 10th
* Falcon Dance-Off Day: 
            Friday May 10th
* PTO Election Meeting: 
    Tuesday May 14th 5:30pm in the cafeteria (this is the final        PTO meeting of the school year) Kindly, PTO Board

STEM with Ms. Vincent! 
Last week in STEM first grade students learned about owls! After finding out about these fascinating nocturnal birds of prey students teamed up to dissect owl pellets and sort their findings on an Owl Pellet Bone Chart. An owl pellet is any undigested bones, fur, or feathers that make up an owls diet. These undigested parts form a pellet that is coughed up by the owl. They are then collected and sanitized so that students can learn more about these fascinating creatures and what they eat! Many students exclaimed it was “the best day ever” in STEM class that day!

Connected Community!
Ms. Jenaya Perry, the Mashpee Wampanoag Princess, visited classes at KCCS. She shared the importance of being POW WOW Princess, the POW WOW and about Wampanoag culture. 

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Friday, March 29, 2024

The Falcon Eye! 3/29/2024

Monday, April 1st is a half day of school. 

The Dragon King 

A Tanglewood Marionettes Production at KCC! This incredible show will take place on Monday, April 1st. Your child won't want to miss it!

A terrible drought has overtaken the land, and all the world has turned brown and lifeless.  The Dragon King is ruler of the waters, and the people are beginning to wonder why he  has not brought the precious rains in such a very long time. An underwater fantasy based  on Chinese folklore, Tanglewood Marionettes’ latest production tells the tale of a wise  Grandmother who journeys to the bottom of the sea to seek the Dragon King, and the  answers to why he has forsaken the land above. With colorful sea creatures, an exciting  adventure, and all the visual splendor that audiences have come to expect from a  Tanglewood Marionettes production, The Dragon King is a heart-warming tale that will  thrill young and old alike. 

Unsung Heroes
Congratulations to Superintendent DeBoer and Officer Katie for being recognized as two of the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce's "Unsung Heroes"! 

Bilingual Read Aloud
Leni Goncalves visited Ms. Fox's second grade class to read a story in Brazilian Portuguese. Her son Lucas read the English translation! 

 Olesia Adam's visited Amy Cullum's 2nd grade class. She read a book in Russian and a book in Ukrainian while her son, Sam Adams, read the English translation. Students learned to say "hello" and "thank you" in both languages!

PTO Family Ice Skating at Gallo's 
Thank you to the PTO for organizing this fun family event. Students and family members of all abilities took to the ice!  To learn more about the PTO and the amazing things they do, please join us at KCC on Tuesday April 2nd at 5:30 PM in the cafeteria. MMHS Honor Society students babysit students and there is pizza!  

Bedtime Stories
Our KCC community is incredible! Thank you to Ms. Keohane and Ms. MacNally for organizing this annual event! Thank you to all of the staff volunteers, PTO, custodians and kitchen staff who were instrumental in this fun evening! We hope you had a fantastic time!  


Health Lessons with Cassie
Thank you to Nurse Stacey and Cassie for teaching our Kindergarten students the steps to take if they have a cut. Ask your child to tell you the steps they learned about taking care of their cuts. 🐾

Connected Community
High Five Friday! 
Thank you to the Mashpee Chamber of Commerce for welcoming Mashpee's youngest Falcons to school! 

Thursday Pictures
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